UAE stops funding project to develop fifth-generation Russian stealth fighter Su-75

The Russian project to create a fifth-generation stealth fighter Su-75 is increasingly looking unrealizable.

What is known

The United Arab Emirates refusedfinance the program, depriving Russia of the main source of funds for research and development work. The key, but not the only reason is the postponement of the date of the first flight of the aircraft. Initially, Moscow promised that the Su-75 would take to the skies for the first time in 2023. Then the first flight was postponed to 2024. However, against the background of the war in Ukraine, the chances for this are close to zero.

Another reason that the UAE refusedto finance the development of the Su-75 are Western sanctions, due to which Russia has lost access to foreign technologies. In particular, we are talking about semiconductor products.

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The third and no less important reason for the withdrawal of the UAE fromproject - Abu Dhabi's hope to receive the fifth-generation American fighter F-35 Lightning II. Donald Trump approved the sale of aircraft to Lockheed Martin, but Joe Biden froze the deal after winning the election in 2020. The White House may change its mind after the UAE refuses to finance the development of the Su-75.