Ubisoft Canceled “Own Destiny” from Watch Dogs Authors, Developed for Three Years

In parallel with the new Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon and The Division, developers from Ubisoft were working on a game based on a new universe,

but gamers will no longer see it.

What is known

According to studio graphics programmer Louisde Carufel, the company canceled the project, on which the developers had been working for three years. A Ubisoft employee refrained from giving details, but the ubiquitous Jason Schreier said that the game was being made from a new intellectual property. In addition, the project was more reminiscent of Destiny. So Splinter Cell fans won't have to be upset about the series' cancellation or genre change.

“I just found out that the project over which weworked the last three years, canceled. I was very upset by this news. I have been working with all these people for the past seven years. During this time, we released Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2, ”Karufel wrote.

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The journalist added that the cancellation is the consequences of a newUbisoft strategy. After the failure of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, the company postponed Rainbow Six Quarantine, Gods &amp; Monsters and Watch Dogs: Legion and decided to focus on unique projects. The French already have The Division 2, which directly competes for the attention of Destiny players, so there is no need to talk about uniqueness.

At the same time, Carufel noted that Ubisoftdid not fire the team of more than 200 employees working on the unannounced game. The developers were transferred to other projects, of which there are now more than 15. Management even allowed employees to choose the teams with which they want to work next.

“Although I am saddened, I now understand that I haveThere was an opportunity to master a new engine and meet new people. Some of these games will be released in 2020, others are in the early stages of development. It won’t be easy for me to choose,” &#8211; Carufel added.

Note that this is not the first secret projectUbisoft, who died in 2019. Since 2013, the French have been working on Pioneer. Initially, the project was more reminiscent of No Man's Sky, then it turned into a cooperative shooter, and eventually died completely. All the same ideas and developments became the basis for Rainbow Six Quarantine. It is possible that Destiny from Ubisoft will also be revived, but in a different form.

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