Rayman Mini from Ubisoft - a small adventure for Rayman and a big exclusive for iOS

At the latest presentation, Apple presented a list of exclusive games for Apple Arcade, among which “lit up”

Rayman Mini. Now, Ubisoft has officially announced the game, revealing more details.

What is known

This time Reiman was reduced to the size of an ant,making the hero's life more fun. Judging by the trailer, the structure of the levels has not changed, but now there are large dragonflies, mushrooms and caterpillars in the locations. Ubisoft isn't saying anything, but it looks like Mini is a runner in which the character runs forward and the player needs to tap the screen at the right time to make jumps, tackles, and so on.

At launch, Rayman Mini will have 48 levels, costumes, and three characters - Rayman, Barbara and Globox. In the future, Ubisoft promises to add more content and surprises to the game.

The game will be released exclusively on Apple Arcade, soGamers should not be afraid of advertising, additional monetization and other “delights” of mobile gaming. Users of the service will be able to play Rayman Mini at launch on September 19, but only on iOS, while owners of devices on iPadOS and tvOS will have to wait until September 30.