Ubisoft revealed the new operatives Rainbow Six Siege and the name of the upcoming season

After a series of rumors, Ubisoft has officially announced the new season for Rainbow Six Siege.

What is known


Twitter game account posted image,on which the name of the new season and two operatives “lit up”. So, in Operation Ember Rise, players will receive two new fighters, which we saw on the leaked concept art in early August. Ubisoft did not reveal names or abilities, but, as in previous seasons, the ranks of defenders and attackers will replenish in Rainbow Six Siege.

If you believe the user ResetEra with a nicknameKormora, the attack fighter uses a cat hook to sneak through hatches and windows. In turn, the “defender” is able to install a shield with a container with incendiary mixture, which sets fire to the area around after the destruction of the canister. Information should be taken as a rumor, but Kormora already foresaw the capabilities of the Phantom Sight operatives.

Ubisoft promises to fully present the new fighters on August 18, during the Major Finals tournament, where participants will compete for part of the prize pool of $ 500 thousand.

There is still no release date, but if you pushfrom the schedule of past updates, the new operatives will appear on test servers on August 20. Ubisoft catches bugs and adjusts the balance for three weeks, so the final release is worth waiting after September 10.