Ubisoft will hold an open beta test for Ghost Recon Breakpoint: start date and main innovations

There are a couple of weeks left before the release of Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Ubisoft, as usual, is launching open beta testing


What is known

The second beta of Ghost Recon Breakpoint will take placefrom September 26 to 29 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for Uplay and Epic Games Store users. In the open beta, players will receive 3 additional missions from the main campaign that will expand on the story. In addition to the four locations from the last test, you will be able to run in two more regions - New Argyll and Infinity.

PvP content will also be provided.Gamers will be able to fight other players in Elimination and Ghost War modes. The battles will take place on the PMC Camp, Port, Cold War Bunker and Harbor maps, which are designed specifically for 4x4 battles. Ubisoft has also expanded the list of daily faction quests to 12 quests.

PS4, XONE and Uplay users preloadThe beta version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be released on September 24 at 13:00 Kyiv time, and Epic Games Store customers will have to wait until 18:00. You can find the system requirements for PC in the previous news.

Ubisoft also released a cinematic trailer for Ghost Recon Breakpoint from David Leitch, starring Lil Wayne.