UK invented camouflage to "trick" drones attacking a tank

In the UK, they talked about a special camouflage, which theoretically should help protect tanks from

drone attacks.

This camouflage in Britain is called digital,writes "Military Review". Experts believe that monochromatic camouflage of tanks is no longer relevant. It does not disguise combat vehicles from aerial drone attacks. Tanks with conventional camouflage can be detected by a drone using a simple camera, and then hit with a rocket.

In Britain it was suggested to use"Multi-shade" camouflage in the green spectrum. Its shades range from yellowish green to dark green and marsh. The camouflage pattern is proposed to be applied with a certain pattern. The lower and middle part of the tank should be darker.

It is reported that tests of a new type of camouflage showed an 80% reduction in the detectability of tanks.