Ukraine tested 5G

Vodafone and Nokia gave Ukrainians the opportunity to test the speed of 5G for the first time and compare

with 4G capabilities.

When and where

It happened over the weekend during the festival of game culture WeGame 5.0 in Kiev. With the help of Nokia's Nokia booth, guests were able to play virtual table tennis at 4G and 5G speeds and compare them.

And How?

Table tennis for testing was not selectedin vain, because this is the fastest speed sport. In 4G mode, the signal delay reaches 40–80 milliseconds, so the player practically does not see the ball and often loses to the computer.

5G, on the contrary, provides the minimum delay, so the player sees the ball perfectly, the trajectory of its movement and can easily beat the virtual opponent.

It is noted that 5G allows you to download files and play games 4 times faster than 4G.