Ukraine will buy 10 IRIS-T from Germany: this is the most modern air defense system

Ukraine signed a contract with the German company Diehl Defense for the purchase of IRIS-T air defense systems.

What is known

The ambassador spoke about this in an interview with UkrinformUkraine in Germany Andrey Melnyk. We are talking about 10 air defense systems. The first one has already been purchased for 178,000,000 euros. Its purchase was financed by the German government. There is no information yet when she will arrive in Ukraine.

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For those who are not in the know

IRIS-T are small air-to-air missilesrange, equipped with a cooled infrared homing head. At the moment, IRIS-T is the most advanced air defense system. With it, you can repel attacks by combat aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, rocket artillery, drones, anti-radar missiles and bombs.

Source: Ukrinform