Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled Russian flamethrower system "Solntsepyok" while filming a propaganda story

The Armed Forces of Ukraine spoiled the Russian propaganda story about the heavy flamethrower system "Solntsepyok".

What is known

While the Kremlin TV man was filming a story about TOS"Solntsepyok", which is constantly praised by the Russian authorities, the Armed Forces of Ukraine covered the positions of the Rashists with artillery fire. The correspondent praised the capabilities of the weapon system, but could not finish the laudatory monologue, because. had to run away.

A team of television people for a couple with the militaryI had to run into the bushes after the first "arrival". Then the propagandists quickly got into the car and left the area shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Despite not the best picture forRussian propaganda, the video got into the network. In the video, you can see how the projectile exploded right next to the Russian flamethrower system. But it is not clear whether this "Sun" will continue to work.

Source: IZ.RU