Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down Russian Mi-35M helicopter (photo) (updated)

The Ukrainian defenders successfully eliminated another target - the Russian Mi-35M helicopter.

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According to the Department of Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the servicemen shot down the Mi-35M with a swashplate, like the shock Mi-28.

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Swashplate - mechanism for controlmain rotor, which provides control of the vertical movement of the helicopter, as well as its inclination in roll and pitch. To do this, the machine periodically changes the installation angle of each propeller blade, depending on where the blade is at a certain point in time during the rotation of the propeller as a whole.

Updated. Initially, it was reported that the Mi-35MS was shot down.However, Dilan Malyasov, an American columnist for the Defense Blog portal, reports that there was a mistake: the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down a regular Mi-35M. This is a Russian round-the-clock transport and combat helicopter designed to destroy armored weapons and equipment, landing and fire support for ground forces, evacuating the wounded, as well as transporting cargo in the cockpit or on an external sling.