Ukrainian company UAV Defense Robotics will produce drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Anton Bolshakov, founder of AB Games and engineer Evgeny Rvachev together created a new company that will

produce unmanned aerial vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The new company is called UAV Devense Robotics.It will produce reconnaissance and combat drones, as well as kamikaze drones. The company is currently developing the first prototypes, which will be tested by the Kharkov squads.

Reconnaissance drones will be able to transmit a video stream to multiple screens and will receive autopilot support for patrolling the area. The flight range of the UAV will be 5-10 km.

Combat drones will be used to drop projectiles on the enemy. Such UAVs will be able to fly along a pre-set route. The flight range will be from 7 to 15 km.

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Finally, kamikaze drones will be able to carry out missions without human intervention. Such drones are themselves a combat projectile. They will receive a self-destruct program with remote control.

UAV Devense Robotics will produce UAVs in Kyiv. The company is currently looking for a Hardware/Firmware Engineer. You can send your resume by email [email protected]