Ukrainians began to pay purchases and bills through a smartphone 1.5 times more often

PrivatBank reports that in just a year, Ukrainians began to use one and a half times more often

smartphone and bank application to pay for purchases, utility bills, transfer money, etc.


In March last year, the bank counted 8.9 million transactions in the Privat 24 mobile application. And in March of this year, the number of transactions increased significantly - 15.8 million.

Who is more popular

Now smartphones in Ukraine are already significantlymore popular than tellers: monthly bank tellers conduct half as many transactions as the mobile application. For example, if last month there were 15.8 million transactions in Privat 24, then only 7.7 million went through the cash registers.

However, the application has not yet enjoyed the same success as self-service terminals. According to PrivatBank estimates, Ukrainians conduct more than 29 million financial transactions monthly through them.