Ultrapack: Always be charged at 118,000 mAh

Mobile devices are becoming more powerful every year, acquiring wider functionality, all this

requires a lot of energy.But the batteries are still not very capacious; devices have to be charged frequently. And if you are far from a source of electric current, there is no outlet nearby, then your smartphone or tablet will turn into useless bricks?

Be charged

This will not happen if you look atunique Ultrapack device. This is not an ordinary powerbank, it is the most powerful protected battery charger that exists today. An external battery has a capacity of more than 100 thousand mAh, which means. That your smartphone away from sockets is provided with charging for almost a whole month.

The most powerful battery for charging mobiledevices available to order. Now, while the company is on the crowdfunding site, the price tag is set at $ 169. If the company is successful, the shipment of the device to customers will begin in February next year. But there are nuances, only the first twenty buyers will receive such a price; in retail, a power bank will cost almost $ 200.


  • Ultrapack is 99 standard lithium-ion 18650 batteries from LG;
  • At the beginning, the battery will show a capacity of almost 120 thousand mAh, after a few hundred charge-discharge cycles, the capacity will be set at 100 thousand mAh;
  • Of the interfaces, there are four USB-A connectors version 2.1;
  • It lasts up to 100 full charges of a regular smartphone, and for 40 charges of an average tablet with a diagonal of 10 or more inches;
  • The case is very durable, withstands strong shock, and is not afraid of water, as it is waterproof.

After collecting enough for massproduction amount. Developers will review the design of the device. Two more USB-A and USB-C ports will be added. A LED built-in flashlight will appear, the case will become more compact. The team of creators hopes that the power bank will be useful to a wide range of users.

The team leader says that it is histhe first powerbank, its weight so far is 5.4 kilograms, it easily fits in a city backpack or a small sports bag. Such a battery is very useful when traveling by car, when a friendly company or a large family has gathered. Now everyone uses smartphones, and there are always not enough ports for charging in the car. Such a power bank under the rear or front seat solves all problems with access to recharging. In addition, energy is survival, so this device is also a tool for a real survivor.

If you are far from a power outlet or you have electricitydisabled, but at the same time four (for now) mobile devices can be powered for a couple of weeks. Going on a hike? Take a good piece of civilization with you. Nature is good if you have the opportunity to capture it on camera. And in general, even after disasters such as hurricanes, people are in search of water, food, and charging for a smartphone, because they have to make a lot of calls, look for friends, relatives.

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