Unexpectedly: Huawei introduced EMUI 12 with new features and an updated interface

Despite the fact that Huawei has already started migrating its devices to the proprietary HarmonyOS system,

the company continues to work on an interface for Android smartphones in the global market.

What is known

The Chinese manufacturer unexpectedly announcedshell EMUI 12 with many changes. First of all, the company has updated the interface. He became more minimalistic and received three primary colors: white, black and blue.

Also, the developers have added an updated animation.into the shell and many new features. For example, the system now has the ability to customize the size and weight of the font. Also in EMUI 12, they added an updated control center with quick access to the player, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and also to the Device + section. This is another new shell feature. It allows Huawei gadgets to interact with each other. For example, you can quickly connect to your tablet and use it as an additional screen or use the MateBook button to connect to your laptop and launch photos and videos stored on your phone on it.

Of the innovations, it is also worth noting the updatedthe MeeTime video calling app, which now allows you to transfer calls to Huawei Vision smart TVs, as well as improved performance and privacy.

When to wait and who will receive

Unfortunately, there are no exact dates for the release of the shell and the list of supported devices.

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