Unique rocks with a strange composition were found in the "cemeteries" of destroyed exoplanets

Astronomers have discovered in the remains of planets torn apart by dying host stars, strange types of mountain

rocks.Their peculiarity is that they are composed of unusual ratios of minerals. A new study, published in the journal Nature Astronomy, has shown that such exoplanets are richer in mineral composition than previously thought. The study was

Scientists have studied 23 white dwarfs - smalldense remains of dead stars of low and medium mass. They were all within 650 light years of the Sun. As these stars died, turning into white dwarfs, they tore apart the exoplanets that orbited them. Their traces remained in space near dead stars.

Scientists have studied and studied them:they analyzed the light from white dwarfs, and then calculated the most likely composition of the minerals that could form the destroyed planets. As a result, astronomers found that only one of the white dwarfs contained the remains of exoplanets with a geological structure similar to Earth. Among the rest of the dead stars, the researchers found the remains of exoplanets, which included unique rocks. Scientists have not seen them either on Earth or on other planets in the solar system.

The stones were so different from those known to science,that researchers even had to come up with new names for their classification, for example "quartz pyroxenites" and "periclase dunites". Scientists plan to conduct new experiments to fully understand the mineralogy of the new compounds. The study authors note that their work contradicts previous assumptions that exoplanets are mostly similar to those we see in the solar system.

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