Universal Wireless Gaming Headset Turtle Beach Call of Duty Black Ops II: X-Ray

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Turtle Beach Call of Duty Black Ops II: X-Ray &#8211; A versatile wireless gaming headset compatible with both PC and

Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 consoles.The connection between the headset and the X-Ray transmitter is made using dual-channel Wi-Fi (2.4/5 GHz). The headset automatically connects via a more stable channel. The connection frequency can be changed by re-pairing.

The headset is equipped with 50 mm speakers withNeodymium magnets. The ear cushions are filled with a filler that remembers the shape of the ears and isolates the player from outside noise. The headset is equipped with a Bluetooth function, with which you can receive calls from a mobile phone. Connecting to a PC or console using a USB-cable and optical cable. All main controls are placed on the transmitter, you can also select the most suitable surround sound option and equalizer preset, all settings are saved.

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Dynamic Chat technology is implemented in the headsetBoost, which increases the volume of voice chat, depending on the volume of the game, in real time all chat channels are monitored and the volume of the quietest increases. With adjustable microphone monitoring, you can control the volume of your speech. The Ear Guard with Blast Limiter function smoothes out the loudest and sharpest sounds. Stated battery life of 15 hours from two AAA NiMH batteries, there is an auto-shutdown system when there is no signal for 5 minutes. Specifications:

  • 50mm driver with neodymium magnets
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz &#8211; 20 kHz, &gt;120 dB SPL at 1 kHz
  • The frequency range of the condenser microphone: 50-15000 Hz
  • Speaker Amplifier: Stereo, 27 mW/channel, THD <1%
  • Digital sound processor with independent control of the game, chat and microphone signals
  • Sound Amplifiers: Bass Amplifier, High Frequency Amplifier, Simultaneous Amplification of Bass and Treble
  • 4 Presets Ear Guard with Blast limiter: off, soft, medium, maximum
  • Chat Boost: + 10dB to maximum volume in the game
  • Operating frequencies of the wireless signal receiver: 2.4 &#8211; 2.495 / 5.0 &#8211; 5.8 GHz
  • Optional headphone output with separate volume control
  • 10 m radius
  • &lt;Analog and optical digital input
  • Power supply: 5V at 180mA

The set includes a headset, a transmitter, a USB cable for power, an optical cable and a cable for the Xbox 360. The price is 9499 rubles (about UAH 2570).