Unmanned trucks KAMAZ will start driving between Moscow and St. Petersburg

Today, Yandex is actively testing its drones in two Russian cities — Innopolis and Moscow.

Now KamAZ has come up with a similar initiative.

So, as part of an experimental legal regime, the automaker will begin testing five unmanned trucks at once. They will drive along the M-11 Neva federal highway in 2023.

KamAZ is one of the participants in this project.As part of the experiment, the company plans to bring 5 unmanned trucks to the M-11 Neva highway in 2023, and 50 unmanned trucks in 2024. Cars will carry cargo between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Denis ManturovHead of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Recall that earlier information appeared on the web aboutplans to submit a bill on unmanned vehicles to the government no later than 2022. At the same time, the launch of KamAZ drones will take place as part of the Unmanned Logistics Corridors project.