Unpredictable consequences of technical illiteracy: a judge in the United States recognized the pinch-to-zoom gesture as "artificial intelligence of Apple"

When Defendant Kyle Rittenhouse appeared in court, answering questions about the sequence of events,

preceding his shooting and killing a manin Kenosha, Wisconsin, a jury was forced to watch the video evidence reproduced in miniature. This is because Rittenhouse's defense attorney came up with the wild idea that Apple has an “artificial intelligence” that manipulates frames when you pinch zoom on an iPad, and Judge Bruce Schroeder completely bought into this nonsense.

Apple's iPad has artificial intelligence that lets you view things through three dimensions and logarithms.“, - the defense insisted. "They use artificial intelligence or their logarithms to create what they think is happening.... So it's not really an enhanced video, it's Apple's iPad program that creates what it thinks is, not what really exists. ”

Although it is not clear from the full video of the process,Whether the judge explicitly forbade the prosecution to use an iOS device or otherwise enlarge the footage, the result was the same: Instead of an iPad, the jury watched the original, scaled-down videos on a Windows computer connected to a large television in the courtroom. The images did not fill the entire TV screen.

Judge Schroeder argued that it was the prosecution, andnot protection, bears the burden of proving that Apple is not using artificial intelligence to manipulate video footage. He demanded that they provide an expert to testify, but did not allow the prosecution to take an adequate break to seek such an expert. The judge suggested that prosecutors could somehow find such an expert in 20 minutes. Of course, the prosecution did not succeed.

This case clearly demonstrates how vulnerablethere may be adequate and sane people with the standard baggage of modern technical knowledge in the face of an illiterate person, but exposed by the power. And even under the conditions of case law, such antics should not be permissible in principle, since the consequences of a court verdict can be completely unpredictable.

Six criminal charges have been brought against Rittenhouse in connection with the Kenosha shooting. He is charged with the murder of two people.

Source: appleinsider

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