Unstable liquid crystals were fixed in the blue phase. They will be used in new displays

University team has discovered a new method for creating and stabilizing liquid crystals that reflect blue

and green light, and also react to external signals with great speed.

Scientists have worked with asymmetric fluidscrystals with a wide range of optical properties. But these materials are unstable and exist only in a small temperature range. Heating even one degree can destroy the properties of crystals. This limited their use in technology.

Researchers have stabilized blue crystalsphases using double emulsions. They used a drop of water-based solution surrounded by a drop of oily liquid crystal. The structure was created - "core and shell". It was suspended in another water-based liquid. In this state, scientists have kept the liquid crystal in a blue phase. They formed a polymer network that stabilized the blue crystal without compromising its properties.

The result is ideal, homogeneous crystals that are easier to predict and control. In this state, the temperature of the blue phase crystal can be changed by 30 ° C.

Liquid crystals are the basis for many imaging technologies, including displays for computers and televisions.

Research Director, Professor of Molecularengineering Juan de Pablo believes that the optical properties of this material can be used in various devices for image transmission, to turn them on and off using minor influences of temperature or light, as well as in sensors that can detect radiation within a certain wavelength.

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