Unusual breakdown of the PlayStation 5 - the game console breaks down if placed vertically

Service centers do not recommend mounting the PlayStation 5 in a vertical position. In such

location, the console breaks down faster.

What is known

The reason is that liquid metal,which is used for cooling simply flows down and onto the internal components. This causes the PlayStation 5 to fail. Here it remains only to remember the words of the hero Jim Parsons (Jim Parsons) in the series "The Big Bang Theory" (The Bing Bang Theory) about heartless gravity.

We do not have statistics, but most likely the ownersPlayStation 5 massively position the console vertically, i.e. the problem must be massive. But they started talking about it only after more than two years since the announcement of the console.

It is also worth noting that the "thick" version of the PlayStation 5 is more at risk of failure. This is due to the vibration that occurs while the Blu-Ray drive is running.