Unusual case made of human skin for the phone

Manufacturers of accessories, it would seem, can no longer surprise us with anything if we are talking about choosing the unusual

However, we couldn't pass by a really non-standard phone case, which is made of human skin.

Of course, we do not mean human skin in the literal sense, but its maximum likeness.At first glance, you'd really think it's a piece of human skin.Such an unusual case can be easily pinched or, for example, tickled.For example, with the help of pinches you can zoom out or zoom in, if you press on the skin, you make a choice, if you just slide your finger over the skin, it goes.Scroll up and down on the display.

Created by Marc Teyssier Telecom AccessoryParis can also determine the user's emotions. Strong pressure on the skin indicates anger, tapping on it is a sign that the user is trying to attract attention, and stroking means that the user is trying to provide comfort. Teissier says he had an idea because "he wanted to pinch his phone."

Interestingly, the creator of this case offerstwo prototypes to choose from. One of them looks like human skin, while the other has a “more uniform surface”. Plans to add built-in functions of hair and temperature.

Besides using on the back of the phone,The Skin-on interface can be connected to a laptop and used as a touch panel. The plans to start selling an unusual accessory have not yet been announced.