Unusual quadcopter accelerated to 360 km / h. This is the world speed record.

American mechanical engineer Ryan Lademann assembled his own Lademann XLR V3 drone. Device weighing only 490 g does not

similar to traditional quadcopters, but can accelerate over 360 km/h. The world record is confirmed by experts from the Guinness Book of Records.

To achieve record-breaking aerodynamic properties,the engineer used an unusual chassis device. Conventional quadcopters are rectangular, in the Lademann XLR V3 all the main components are hidden inside a streamlined shell resembling a bullet. Similar aerodynamic housings are installed above each of the engines.

Development team (left) and finished drone (right). Image: Ryan Lademann/Guinness

Drone rises and hover like normalquadrocopter. But, when he needs to fly at high speed, the pilot directs the device at an angle to the surface with the streamlined elements forward. The developer notes that when assembling the device, he used the usual components (battery, speed controller, motors and video transmission system) that are commercially available. The total cost of all components is about $400.

Drone world speed record. Video: Ryan Lademann

To register an official record expertsThe Guinness Book of Records conducted a test in which the drone had to make two consecutive flights in opposite directions. This approach eliminates the effects of wind speed while flying at a fixed altitude to avoid acceleration due to gravity.

During the test, experts measured the average speed at which the quadcopter flew 100m in each direction. It was a record 360.503 km / h.

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