Up to 19 GB of RAM! Old OPPO smartphones began to receive the function of expanding RAM

Realme today unveiled the new GT Master Edition smartphones that boast up to 19

GB of RAM. Why so much? The secret is in the technology of expanding the RAM due to the built-in memory. The same function will be available to dozens of OPPO smartphones.

Who will have replenishment

The ColorOS team announced the release of an update withthe possibility of expanding the RAM. Moreover, it can increase the amount of RAM of the phone by as much as 7 GB. For example, if you have 12 GB, the result is a whopping 19 GB. Although, of course, they are unlikely to be needed by anyone.

But the option will be useful for smartphones with a small amount of memory - for example, 4 GB. It will allow the system to open more applications at the same time and keep it running smoothly.

Moreover, in the list of smartphones that will receive the update, there are also older models - more than 20 items in total:

  • Find Series: Find X2, Find X2 Pro
  • Ace series: Ace2, Reno Ace
  • Reno series: Reno 10x zoom, Reno Z, Reno2, Reno2 Z, Reno3 Vitality, Reno3, Reno3 Pro, Reno4 SE, Reno4 5G, Reno4 Pro 5G
  • Series A: A11, A11x, A91, A32, A52, A52, A92s
  • K series: K5, K7, K7x

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