Updated Apple AirPods

Suddenly on the siteApplea new version of True Wireless headphones AirPods has appeared.

They got a new processor, which

theory should bring a more stable connection and lower latency, as well as a charging case with supportQI. A charging indicator appeared on the case, whichis a pretty nice innovation. The autonomy of the device has increased – up to 50% on one charge. And according to the company, 15 minutes of charging in the case extends the life of the headphones by another three hours of music playback.

A case with wireless charging support comes with a more expensive version of the headphones (AirPods with Wireless Charging Case) for$ 199. Behind$ 159you can purchase a version with a case without supportQI. AlsoAppleprovided the opportunity to purchase a case with wireless charging separately from the headphones for79 $. In all cases, the port for traditional charging wire remained Lightning.

You can take a closer look at the new items on the websiteApple