Updated iOS and watchOS will get a lot of new features

At the upcoming WWDC, which Apple has planned for early June, there will be a discussion, including, updates of all operating systems

companies with software developers.One of Bloomberg’s employees managed to obtain in advance a rather long list of new functions and capabilities that Yabloko will launch in new versions of operating systems, including watchOS.

Hourly changes

The watchOS 6 system is supposed to startoffline application directory, dark night mode will also be available. iOS 13 will get a modernized sleep mode. In addition, developers will facilitate the transfer of applications from different devices and operating system versions. According to Bloomberg, the most serious updates await Apple Watch and its operating system. The main and noticeable for the user, as already noted, will be the ability to install applications directly from the memory of the clock itself, where there will be a full-fledged shop catalog.

A number of new useful applications will appear, severalbooks, the ability to create voice notes, an advanced calculator, a medical reminder application (for taking pills). Even for women there will be a specialized application that tracks the "ladies" cycle. Also users of wearable gadgets are waiting for new fonts, new interesting dials, a lot of stickers, as well as animodimodzhi who can synchronize with a smartphone.

iOS 13: just an update

In fact, the iOS 13 list itself is the mosthowever, most of the changes are simply updates to existing functions, services, and applications. Many bugs will be fixed, optimization will be improved, which will increase the speed of work. Also, a dark mode will be available, the ability to use the iPad as an additional monitor for the computer, improved sleep mode, and a new program called GreenTorch. This application will combine two search services, this is a search for a smartphone and friends. It is possible that the application will work tracking function special beacon.

The applications that already exist will receive a new one.appearance, as well as new features. All major and many from third-party developers, but significant to users. Applications will have a new home page, and additional features. "Ladies" application will also appear in the updated OS, as well as in the clock.

macOS: receiving mobile applications

In the tenth macOS, the company will simplify the transfer andPorting applications from smartphones to computers. This opportunity will work in full in a year. Then all the operating systems will be combined into one bootloader, and it will be able to run on any apple device. Currently, a number of applications are being ported from iPad to Mac. The screen time program will undergo changes, some effects will be changed and updated, stickers will appear in the message programs, and many programs will be integrated with Siri. A new application will appear, automatically updating the books.

The list that Bloomberg procured, of course,incomplete, and the launch of certain applications, features, capabilities may be delayed or postponed. No new gadgets are expected at this event, only new software versions.