Updated ranking of the most powerful countries

Journalists of the US News & World Report published a new rating of the most powerful countries in the world, which was

compiled on the basis of last year. So, the first place predictably went to the United States.

As for the second place, it turned out to beRussia, while closing the three leaders of the PRC. This rating is part of a broader ranking of the best states, which includes 73 countries. Switzerland became the leader in it, and Canada came in second. The third place went to Japan. Russia, by the way, managed to take only 23rd place in it, while the United States was in seventh place.

According to the source, when compiling the ratingthe authors relied on such indicators as the impact on the world stage, the level of development of the tourism sector, the development of the country, the economic growth rate, historical heritage, culture, social sphere, the standard of living of citizens, as well as the degree of openness for business.