US and China bury an ax of war

The US and China have finally agreed on a truce in the long trade war, which has already caused

damage to the global economy amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars.

What now

True, so far agreements have been reached only on paper, but they promise to sign an official agreement in January. American President Donald Trump called the deal “phenomenal.”

“We have agreed on a very large first phasedeals with China. We will begin negotiations on the second phase of the deal immediately, without waiting for the 2020 elections. This is a great deal for everyone. Thank you!" - Trump wrote.

At the same time, America canceled the introduction of dutieson $160 billion of Chinese imports a year from December 15 and promised to halve 15 percent tariffs on $120 billion of Chinese goods. As we wrote earlier, as a result, Apple equipment will not become more expensive.

Also the introduction of retaliatory duties from December 15China also canceled. Starting today, it was planned to introduce tariffs of 5% and 10% on American goods, including cars and auto parts. The Committee on Customs Duties and Tariffs under the State Council of China emphasizes that new categories of goods will be exempt from duties in the future.

In addition, China has pledged to increase purchasesAmerican goods and services in the next two years. First of all, this concerns agricultural products. Beijing also promises to address the issue of the theft of American technology.

Unfortunately, whether these agreements will affect the fate of Chinese Huawei is still unknown.

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