US companies began to issue licenses for cooperation with Huawei

US Government Announces Business Licenses for US Companies

with Chinese Huawei.

What does it mean

Huawei is still on the blacklist, however, the companies that have submitted applications have finally begun to receive answers about further cooperation with Chinese partners.

Several sources confirm thatcompanies began to receive notifications of approval or “intention to refuse” from the Ministry of Commerce. What products are allowed to sell Huawei and which companies have received or not received a license - is still unknown.

According to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross,department "there were more than 290 requests for specific licenses." Of course, among them is Google, which without a license cannot certify new Huawei smartphones and preinstall its services on them.

Recall that yesterday the US government again postponed the imposition of sanctions against Huawei for another 30 days.

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