US develops electromagnetic weapons to fight the war of the future

Electromagnetic weapon (EMP) is a weapon in which the

magnetic field, or the energy of electromagnetic radiation is used directly to hit the target. EMP weapons can put pressure on the enemy without direct casualties.

Based on an analysis of US government reports,military documents and laws passed by the US Congress since 2017, experts concluded that the US has included protection against EMP threats in its national security strategy.

In particular, in 2019, the former president of the United StatesDonald Trump signed a decree to coordinate national efforts to protect against EMR, and a few months later Congress passed legislation to increase the budget for the program.

It is emphasized that this is necessary to protect against the most important information from EMP strikes, it should be roughly ready by 2032.

The authors of the article believe that this will change the balance of favor of one particular country. In order to resist, the requirements for telecommunication nodes and power distribution structures will gradually change, taking into account the introduction of protective mechanisms.

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