US fertilizer producers emit 100 times more methane than expected

Businesses around the world emit significantly less methane into the atmosphere than carbon dioxide - with

In this case, the greenhouse effect of the first is 84 times higher. Some researchers suggest that about 25% of anthropogenic climate change comes from methane emissions.

To measure methane emissionsResearchers developed new, more gas-sensitive equipment, and studied with it six fertilizer plants, the main industrial consumers of natural gas.

Scientists have concluded that on average, 0.34% of allthe natural gas used in the plants goes into the atmosphere. In just one year, one company emits up to 28 Gg of methane into the atmosphere - previously, researchers believed that this figure was only 0.2 Gg per year.

Previously scientists from the University of LancasterIt is estimated that melting permafrost in the Arctic will lead to economic damage up to 2300 at a rate of $ 24.8 trillion to $ 66.9 trillion. This is almost 500 budgets of the Apollo mission.