US promises "very soon" to lift the ban on cooperation with Huawei: Google services will return to smartphones

US authorities promise to soon allow US companies to resume cooperation

with Chinese Huawei.

What does it mean

Recall after US sanctionsUS manufacturers need a license from the government to do business with Huawei. However, so far no such licenses have been issued, although there are applications, moreover, there are a lot of them.

But the US Department of Commerce promises to "fix it" very soon and start issuing licenses. In addition, this month, the United States and China must finally sign a deal and resolve trade differences.

According to the head of the Ministry, Wilbur Ross, at the moment, 260 applications have already been submitted for permission to do business with Huawei. “There are many applications - frankly, more than we thought,” the minister admitted.

Who will receive permission and when - is still unknown. But one of the applications is from Google, so we hope that Google services will return to Huawei and Honor smartphones in the near future.

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