US space forces armed with satellite tracking system

In recent years, the US military has usedits work, the Space Surveillance Network, consisting of ground-based and space-based systems for detecting various objects. This system allowed to accompany 26 thousand different space objects.

In this case, the number of objects in orbit of the Earthconstantly increasing, so the US military began to develop a new tracking system. The new Space Fence device consists of transceiver modules based on gallium nitride and is located on the Kwajalein Atoll, which belongs to the Marshall Islands.

Space Fence can simultaneously accompany 200thousand space objects, and per day to process data on 1.5 million detected targets. At the same time, Space Fence radars can detect any object in the orbit of the Earth larger than 10 cm.

Space Fence System

The US military will transmit part of the data to the European Space Agency, as well as to agencies in Australia, South Korea, Japan, Canada and the United Kingdom.