US trade war with China will help Samsung defeat Apple

Last Friday, US President Donald Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook held a joint dinner at the presidential

a golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey and discussed the introduction of duties and even Apple's main competitor, Samsung.

What they talked about

The fact is that since September 1, the US governmentintends to introduce an additional 10 percent duty on goods from China. Since Apple collects its products in the Middle Kingdom, these duties will also apply to it: you will either have to transfer production, or raise prices for gadgets.

Therefore, during a meeting between Trump and Cook, they discussed the possibility of transferring Apple production to the United States, as well as the consequences of introducing duties for the apple company.

Tim Cook also talked about Samsung, which is located in South Korea and will not be affected by the introduction of duties. But the US and China trade will further strengthen its position with respect to Apple.

“I had a very nice meeting with TimCook, I respect him. Tim spoke to me about duties. And one of their shortcomings, and he justified it well, is that Samsung is their number one competitor. And Samsung does not pay duties, as it is based in South Korea. It seems to me that he very convincingly argued for the haste of introducing increased duties, so I will think about it, ”Trump summed up.

What exactly this means - a possible cancellation of duties or any concessions in relation to Apple - is unknown.

And by the way, Donald had already learned Tim’s surname and never called him Tim Apple.