US wants to deploy THAAD anti-missile systems around Guam in case of war with China

The Pentagon plans to deploy launchers and radars of the Terminal High Altitude Area air defense system

Defense (THAAD) on small islands around Guam.

What is known

The United States does not want to keep all missilecomplexes in one place and intend to disperse them around the island in Micronesia. This is due to a possible military clash with the Chinese army in the Pacific.

The Ministry of Defense suggests that China inin the event of a conflict, it will strike at several targets. Among them are the Andersen Air Force Base, the Blaz Marine Corps Camp and the Mariana Islands.

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The island of Guam is, in fact, itself a military base.U.S.A. It is located less than 3000 km from Shanghai. Andersen Air Base, in the event of hostilities, will become a vital point for launching, re-equipping and repairing strike aircraft.

The United States installed the first THAAD missile systems onisland of Guam in 2013 to counter ballistic missiles. However, Navy Rear Admiral Benjamin Nicholson says that the current number of systems is not enough to provide 100% defense of the island. The deployment of new systems will provide comprehensive protection of the territory.

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Guam's new defense system should ideallyinclude 360-degree radar and missile defense against advanced ballistic, hypersonic and cruise missiles, as well as drones and space weapons. THAAD will receive new infrared seekers for the interceptor missile. Production will be handled by BAE Systems.