USA allowed to supply Huawei processors, but only on technology norms of 2015

On September 15, new US requirements came into effect, according to which processor manufacturer TSMC and others

companies cannot supply without permissionHuawei its products. This is because it was created using American technology. TSMC filed a timely request for a US license in order to continue to work with the Chinese. Recently it became known that the United States gave the go-ahead to TSMC, but with one "but" - the company will only be able to supply Huawei with chips made according to the technological standards of 2015.

The license uses the wording “maturetechnology". These are the 28-nm process technology and older. Huawei's subsidiary HiSilicon first used this technology in the Kirin 620 platform in 2015.

Of course, modern smartphones require moreadvanced technologies. The latest flagship chip from Huawei uses a 5nm process technology. It is impossible to imagine the use of 28 nm technology in a smartphone that meets modern requirements.