USA wants to make one killer robot to test how dangerous it is

The group, led by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, completed a two-day

public discussion of the use of AI to ensure national security and technical military progress.

Its Deputy Chairman Robert Work, formerthe deputy defense secretary, said autonomous weapons are expected to be less erroneous on the battlefield than humans. According to a Google spokesman, this will reduce losses.

Over the past eight years, a coalition of non-governmentalorganizations insisted on concluding a treaty banning the creation and use of killer robots. The main argument of opponents of using AI on the battlefield is that human control is necessary to assess the proportionality of attacks and to blame war crimes. Thirty countries are calling for a ban on the use of killer robots according to the coalition website, and a United Nations body has met on the issue since at least 2014.

While autonomous weapon capabilities existFor decades now, concern has intensified with the development of AI to support them. In addition, numerous studies have uncovered biases in artificial intelligence systems and demonstrated examples of software abuse.

National Security Commission forAI at meetings this week acknowledged the risks of autonomous weapons. Nevertheless, the authorities so far prefer to work to combat the proliferation of robotic systems based on AI, rather than introducing an appropriate treaty or completely banning them. The commission said that this "would be contrary to US interests."

As a result, the members of the commission came to the conclusion thatCongress should at least give thought to giving killer robots or artificial intelligence systems a chance, Reuters reported. Otherwise, the military may never know if they are actually effective enough during hostilities.

Mary Wareham, eight-year campaign coordinator"Stop killer robots," said the commission's emphasis "on the need to compete with similar investments made by China and Russia ... only serves to encourage an arms race."

Beyond AI-powered weapons, the long reportthe commission was recommended to use AI by intelligence agencies to simplify the collection and analysis of data; allocate $ 32 billion annually in federal funding for AI research; create new bodies, including a digital corps modeled after the Army Medical Corps and a Technology Competitiveness Council chaired by the Vice President of the United States.

The Commission is due to submit its final report to Congress in March, but recommendations are optional.

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