Users complain of scratches on the new iPhone 11

Reviews about the iPhone 11 on our site initially set us up exclusively on a positive experience.

But everything changed after the new product fell into the hands of real users around the world. And now the whole Internet is full of reports of scratches on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Display scratches

Multiple users of Apple iPhone 11, iPhoneThe 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max posted comments on the Apple Community website about scratches on the AMOLED LCDs and displays on their phones. One post tells how a husband and wife bought an iPhone 11. After two days of storing the devices in the trouser pockets of both models, a scratch appeared on the display. The husband sadly notes that a scratch on his phone appeared directly above the FaceTime camera.

Some scratches look like marks fromfingerprints, but they are not erased from the screen. Phone owners say that they not only did not drop their phones, but the devices did not touch any objects in their pockets that could damage the display, such as keys, coins, or other sharp objects.

One iPhone 11 user noted that hehas been using the iPhone since the very first generation of the phone was released in 2007. He says that he never used a protective film for the screen and so far such serious scratches have not appeared on the screen. Others say they are not impressed with the displays of the iPhone 11 family. However, Apple at the presentation claimed that it greatly enhanced the strength of the glass on the front and back of their new models. “The toughest iPhone glass on both sides,” Apple says. But this is very far from real user comments.

In the photo from the iPhone 11, the user shows a scratch on the display of the phone. As you can see, the real problem with the new iPhone models contradicts Apple’s main statement.

I got a crack / scratch on my screen from nowhere. Indeed, it seems that a manufacturing defect appeared after 24 hours of use. ”

“My wife and I put our new iPhone 11 inpants pocket, and both screens are scratched on the second day of use (right next to the selfie camera). Did someone experiment something? looks like? We are really disappointed, Apple only cares that you bought "Apple Care" .... we cannot use the screen without protection: the worst screen of all ... "

“My iPhone 11 looks worse after 1 week of use than my iPhone 7 after 3 years. I will go to the Apple store and complain.

As expected, all those who encounteredthis trouble, then visited the Apple Store, showing the iPhone 11 with a scratched screen, do not find understanding from sellers. The latter accuse customers of damaging their phone’s display themselves.

We will follow the course of events.