Users deceived the scammer and returned the stolen NFTs

The World of Solana crypto community managed to return the NFTs stolen by the scammer, paying only 2% of the full amount for them.


They were able to pull this off thanks to Cyber ​​Frogs, the creator of non-fungible tokens. At the request of the robbed NFT owners, the developer set a royalty of 98% on the stolen tokens.

The scammer hacked the Unchained NFT page inDiscord, which resulted in access to more than a hundred wallets. From one user, the hacker was able to steal 25 tokens from the World of Solana collection, which has a total of 2222 unique tokens.

The scammer put up for sale 25 NFTs on the siteMagicEden. Members of the World of Solana crypto community redeemed 15 tokens for 2% of the value. 10 other tokens were purchased by another user. He later agreed to return the NFT for a fee, as found out that they were stolen and now cannot be resold.

Source: @worldofsolana

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