Valve accidentally revealed the release date of its own VR-helmet Index

At the end of March, a teaser of the Valve Index virtual reality helmet appeared on Steam, which was officially promised

to announce in May. Apparently, company employees mixed up the dates and published the product page ahead of time, exposing the release date.

What is known

Unfortunately, the company has deleted the Valve pageIndex, but gamers managed to take screenshots. Judging by them, the VR helmet will be released on June 15, 2019. A Valve representative also confirmed the information, adding that the device will be officially announced on May 1st.

The "Index" page also says about the kitsupplies. The Valve Index will come into the hands of gamers along with a cleaning cloth, a wide and narrow face cap, and a power adapter. The kit will also include Valve Index Controllers, which the company called Knuckles EV2. The helmet is connected via DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0, and the sound will be output to the built-in headphones.

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