Valve and Epic Games are tense - Rockstar has launched its launcher for games Rockstar Games Launcher

In 2019, a major game studio without its own launcher is like a tree without a caterpillar. Apparently so

believes Rockstar, which presented its own gaming platform.

What is known

"Rockstars" have always stood out for theiroriginality, so they decided to call the launcher Rockstar Games Launcher. Already from the name it is clear that this is not a digital store. "Steam's new killer", but only a platform for launching the company's games. The service's library already includes games from the GTA, Bully and L.A. series. Noire.

At launch, Rockstar Games Launcher mayboasting cloud saves as well as automatic updates. You can install the launcher directly from the official Rockstar website and they promise to give GTA: San Andreas to pioneers.