Valve announced a redesign on Steam for the Library and news pages

Back in 2018, there were rumors that Valve plans to change the design of Steam, and now the company has confirmed plans

officially at GDC 2019.

What is known

Global redesign should not wait, but the mainthe library will take over the changes and the news page. Now the appearance will be more reminiscent of Origin with large covers on which will display a list of friends who have bought the game. The first line of the "Library" will show the recently launched games, and below will post news about updates.

The game collection is displayed at the bottom of the page asvertical covers. Gamers will be able to adjust their size so that more games fit on one screen. The side tab with the list of games remained in place, but changed outwardly. In the "Library" will also add search by tags and save queries in the collection.

The main pages of the games themselves have also changed. Now gamers will be greeted by a banner on which the time spent in the game, the last launch and the Play button are displayed. Below will post news about updates, and a list of friends placed on the right. At the bottom of the page will show news from friends, achievements, cards, screenshots and the Workshop tab.

Valve will also update the news page onwhich will display events related to games from the collection. There, players will learn about temporary events, periods with increased experience and distribution. In addition, Valve divided the tape into tabs, first showing the current events, and then coming. Users will be able to set up notifications and learn about what is happening using Google Calendar, Steam, mobile app store and by SMS.