Valve burned: dataminer found code for new Half-Life in update for Valve Index

Rumors about Half-Life VR have been on the Internet since 2018, but gamers have not seen strong evidence.

Now the existence of the project is confirmed by the code found in the update for the virtual reality helmet Valve Index.

What is known

Blogger Tyler McVicker, who runs the Valve ChannelNews Network, rummaged in updating The Lab for Valve Index. In the patch code, youtuber discovered a game codenamed Codename: Shooter. The lines related to the project say that the player will be placed in a simulation of City 17, and he will fight against Combine Soldiers. The code also mentions weapons from Half-Life and the G-Men test.

Gameplay, judging by the lines of code,resembles a shooting gallery. Gamers will be thrown at the locations of City 17, where those have to shoot back from waves of enemies, and sometimes even solve puzzles. And, of course, the new Half-Life is for virtual reality.

The author of the video notes that the source codebelongs to the prototype, which, most likely, the developers are testing inside the studio. Otherwise, the game would be called more explicitly than Codename: Shooter. So part of the described mechanics may not reach the final version, and even more so - the game itself may not live to see the release if the developers cannot make it interesting.