Valve decided: new versions of Ubuntu will receive support for Steam

Last week, Valve announced that it would stop Ubuntu’s Steam support, as developers of the operating system

systems abandoned the 32-bit architecture. Now, the OS authors decided to reconsider their views, returning to a conservative approach to development.

What is known

Hearing the indignation of gamers, Canonical leftsupport 32-bit architecture, which is needed to run Steam, as well as most games. Previously, Valve was not sure whether it would be able to ensure stable operation of Steam after updating Ubuntu, but now it believes that the store will be available to users, at least until version 20.04.

At the same time, Valve noted that partSteam functionality after upgrading to 19.10 may suffer. But the company will be able to continue working on adjusting the Steam distribution model, without bringing a new headache to users.

"This is all, for the time being we cannotspecifically say which distributions will be supported in the future; expect more news on this front in the coming months. We remain committed to supporting Linux as a gaming platform, ”Valve wrote.