Valve launched an inquisition on Steam, removing more than 900 games for fraud with Steamworks

It looks like the Epic Games Store has awakened Valve's competitive spirit. The company began to actively release updates for Steam,

improve search algorithms, and has now taken on the task of cleaning the archive.

What is known

A Reddit user noticed that from Steamgames began to disappear, and not just two or three projects disappeared from view, but more than a hundred. According to Steam Madjoki, the purge started with Bloodbath Kavkaz, and the last game was Sly Pigs, which Valve removed from the store seven hours ago. According to rough estimates, more than 900 projects, including games and add-ons, were removed from Steam in 11 hours.

In total, the site counted 2903 games that Valveremoved from the store in 2 years. The company regularly conducts purges, deleting projects in small batches once a month or week, but this time Valve went crazy.

In a comment to PC Gamer, a Valve representativeexplained that developers of remote projects were abusing Steamworks tools. The company’s spokesperson did not say exactly how, but the “inquisition” began to be discussed on the Reddit forum, where the developer of OutDrive, which fell under the hot hand, also ran.

The developer said that the game was previously published bySiberian Digital, which actually exploited the gaps in the system. A year ago, the developer parted ways with the company and began distributing the game independently, but the stigma remained.

“We recently discovered several partners who were abusing certain Steamworks tools. We have contacted all partners who were impacted by this,” the spokesperson explained.

Steam is changing for the better

Valve has been working hard in recent monthsabove the store. First, the developers launched the “Steam Lab”, where they tested new search and recommendation algorithms. The company also took on the development of streaming services like Steam Link. Since the summer of 2019, players have been allowed to run games from a PC on a smartphone outside the same network, that is, you can play even in the forest if you find the Internet.

Last week, Valve launched the Remote Play Together service, which allows you to play games with local co-op over the Internet. In addition, one copy of the entertainment is enough to play together.

Valve was especially surprised by the announcement of Half-Life:Alyx, a new game based on the universe of the same name for VR. In addition to the platform, the company also changed the main character, and this time gamers will have to control not Gordon Freeman, but the girl Alix.

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