Valve hides a lot: G-Man's half-life voice talks about character creation

Mike Shapiro has become an important part of the Half-Life universe, as he gave the voice to G-Man and Barney Calhoun. The actor worked

over the series from its inception to the recent Half-Life: Alyx. In honor of the release of the game, PC Gamer journalist interviewed Shapiro, asking about his characters and working moments.

What is known

According to Mike Shapiro, voicing a character is a long and iterative process. First, the actor must record a cue, and then pronounce it several times differently.

“When you write a voiceover, you need tostrictly adhere to the script. Then you are asked if the character can make a cue differently, or maybe we want to try something else ourselves. Sometimes they like what was recorded, but I still ask if it’s possible to make another take

Also, the actors get creative freedom, andG-Man's unique voice was created already in the studio. Shapiro gave basic information about the character, showed a photo, and asked how such a person can talk.

“They gave me some background information.”Barney and G-Man. Even less about aliens. It seems they just showed me a photograph and asked: “What do you think Nihilant says?” Then at some point I thought that G-Man's speech might sound something like this - with pauses and intermittently. And this is how it ended. ”

Yet in the future, Shapiro recognized the hero better, including his past and future, but he could not reveal the secret.

“I know much more about him and his story thanI can ever tell you. If you played Half-Life, then you understand what I mean when I say: I know what happened before and what will happen. G-Man is timeless. On Twitter, my location is listed as “inside time.” That's where, I think, it originates. ”

In the course of work, Shapiro became a fan of the character to whom he gave his voice. For example, in the actor’s office there is a portfolio of G-Man, which he bought separately, so he thinks he solved the riddle of the contents.

“In my office I have my own portfolioG-man. However, this is not a gift from Valve. Valve has been giving me really good gifts over the years for being connected to Half-Life. But this is the one that I bought because I know G-Man and I think I know what’s in his portfolio. ”

Shapiro remember Barney Calhoun, who helped Gordon Freeman from the first to the last episodes of Half-Life, but never brought that beer.

“I'm good to Barney. He cannot be killed. He always comes back in one form or another. He never gets you a beer, which he continues to promise ... Barney is always close to making it work, but he can’t do it a little. However, he will always cover your back, and you will never doubt it. ”

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