Valve launches two experiments on Steam to improve search and recommendations

Steam Lab Expands Experiment List So, to microtrailers, an interactive advisor

and automatic show will join two more new features.

What is known

The fourth experiment is designed to improve the search. The developers have added a filter by sales price, and also allow you to remove hidden games or projects from the issuance that are in the wish list or library. In the experimental search, the operation of tags was also changed, now when specifying tags Steam offers similar or often used in combination with your request. In addition, an endless scroll appeared.

The fifth experiment was called "Deep Immersion,"and it helps to search for related games. For example, by choosing The Witness, Steam will offer you nine similar projects. The experiment has not yet started, but the developer Lars Dose of Level Up Games has created a prototype called "Steam Diving Bell."

The system does not pay attention to the games from the list.desires or libraries, offering the user games with a similar name. It is assumed that gamers will stumble on random games and look for something new for themselves.