Valve will launch two experiments on Steam to improve search and recommendations

Steam Lab expands the list of experiments. So, to the microtrailers, interactive advisor

and automatic shows will be joined by two more new features.

What is known

The fourth experiment aims to improve retrieval.The developers have added a filter based on sale prices, and also allow you to remove hidden games or projects that are in your wishlist or library from the search results. In the experimental search, the way tags work has also been changed; now, when you specify tags, Steam offers those that are similar or frequently used in combination with your request. In addition, endless scrolling has appeared.

The fifth experiment was called "Deep Dive"and it helps you search for similar games. For example, by selecting The Witness, Steam will offer you nine similar projects. The experiment hasn't launched yet, but developer Lars Dose of Level Up Games has created a prototype called the "Steam Diving Bell."

The system does not pay attention to games from the listdesires or library, offering the user games with a similar name. Gamers are expected to stumble upon random games and look for something new to try.