Valve seems to be working on Steam Cloud Gaming, a Google Stadia-style cloud gaming service

At the beginning of the working week, there were rumors on the web that Valve is working with Apple on an augmented headset

reality. The company was not limited to one project, and, according to the source, took up the gaming cloud service.

What is known

According to the Steam Database Twitter account,Valve is working on Steam Cloud Gaming, which last month delighted players with a Steam sale schedule. A mention of the development was found in the code of the partner site of the company, which was asked to sign an agreement regarding a new service. Judging by the name, Gabe decided to compete with Google and Microsoft by launching its own gaming cloud service.

Valve has already launched Steam Link to broadcast gamesfrom a computer to a smartphone or TV screen, and the service in the spirit of Google Stadia looks like a logical continuation of the idea. In addition, the company owns Steam with a huge library of games and collaborates with developers around the world, so there will be no problems with the launch line of projects.

In addition to a hint in the code, there is no information, as well as confirmation of Valve itself.

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