Valve will change Steam's recommendation algorithms after a secret experiment with 5% of users

In parallel with the experiments from the Steam Lab, the store developers tested a new look

recommendations and are now ready to make it part of Steam.

What is known

Now the user will be shown not the most popular games, but projects that he might like.

New algorithms have already been applied to 5% of gamerson Steam and the experiment showed that players were 15% more likely to click on a recommended game. The total number of visits to unique games increased by 75%, and the frequency of visits to project pages increased by 48%. So the new algorithms will be useful not only for gamers, but also for developers.

“Increased personalization means that this section now displays an even greater variety of games and displays more evenly to users,” Valve wrote.

We also remind you that Steam is testing an interactive advisor and new search filters in its “laboratories”.