Viber has a new feature

The Viber messenger has a new Create a Sticker feature.

What is it

Now users will be able

create collections of your own stickers with your own portraits, photos of friends, inscriptions and drawings. Received stickers can be shared by marking them as “private” or “public”.

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True, this is not a new feature for other messengers: for example, in Telegram this opportunity appeared several years ago.

What to do

To create a sticker:

  • open the editor on the “Sticker Store” tab
  • enter the stickers menu in the chat
  • either take a picture through the application

After this, you can edit the sticker: change the background, add inscriptions, emoji or other designs.

One collection includes up to 24 stickers.

Where to find

The new feature is available in the updated mobile version, but for now only for Android devices. It will appear in iOS and PC versions later.