Video: AI replaced 10-year-old Macaulay Culkin in the movie Home Alone on Sylvester Stallone

DeepFake is an artificial intelligence technology that can change faces on videos. Some

years ago, using this technology, they began to make fake porn with the faces of celebrities. The time for porn has passed, and on the eve of the New Year and Christmas, enthusiasts took up the most sacred thing - the film “Home Alone”.

What happened

With the help of DeepFake, the authors of the YouTube channel Ctrl Shift Face replaced the characters with Sylvester Stallone in an excerpt from the film. Moreover, 10-year-old Kevin spoke in the voice of Rambo.

The “directors” didn’t stop there and decided to add more tragedy to the film: Kevin’s parents and siblings die in a plane crash. The moment with the plane was “borrowed” from “Final Destination.”

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